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Did not order ties
il 29/11/2013 16:10 a 29/11/2013 16:10 da .
in seguito a un ordine del 06/11/2013
from www.thehouseofties.com

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Fairly fast shipping to Canada; however they never included duties/customs in the purchase price and I was surprised when I received a bill from FedEx regarding said charges.
il 28/11/2013 12:28 a 28/11/2013 12:28 da .
in seguito a un ordine del 28/06/2013
from www.thehouseofties.com

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il 26/11/2013 23:59 a 26/11/2013 23:59 da .
in seguito a un ordine del 13/09/2013
from www.thecufflinksshop.com

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I received two cases broken in the post - items were shipped in a simple satchel and so there was no protection which is suprising considering the cost of shipping. Impossible to return items. I do alot of online shopping and this by far was the worst transaction I had all year.
il 19/11/2013 20:56 a 19/11/2013 20:56 da .
in seguito a un ordine del 25/07/2013
from www.thecufflinksshop.com
Commento di Customer Service
Dear Madam, We are sorry to hear you are not satisfied with your order. We have sent your order via FEDEX and the shipment costs were free as you ordered over 80£. It is possible to return the cufflinks for any order, the parcel should then be sent back to 5 rue du général bertrand, 75007 Paris. Shipments to Australia are expensive and we do not use a box as the cost amount over half the value of your order. We remain available for any question, and we hope you nevertheless appreciate the cufflinks.
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good quality, ok prices, and big variety
il 19/11/2013 20:54 a 19/11/2013 20:54 da .
in seguito a un ordine del 04/11/2013
from www.thecufflinksshop.com

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Great range of products, easy to use site.
il 19/11/2013 18:14 a 19/11/2013 18:14 da .
in seguito a un ordine del 21/09/2013
from www.thecufflinksshop.com

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I ordered a shirt and a set of cufflinks. The company informed me the shirt
was not in stock but that it should be in about 2 weeks. I needed
the gifts for a birthday gift and had to cancel the shirt. They were very
accommodating and the communication was great. I received a credit
for the shirt and loved the cufflinks.
il 19/11/2013 16:22 a 19/11/2013 16:22 da .
in seguito a un ordine del 06/11/2013
from www.thecufflinksshop.com

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email assistance was excellent very quick and helped me to get the item delivered in time for a gift.
il 19/11/2013 15:16 a 19/11/2013 15:16 da .
in seguito a un ordine del 22/10/2013
from www.thecufflinksshop.com
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THE NINES offers men's clothes and accessories. We have personally selected them so they meet strict requirements. We make it a point of honour to sell only articles that are worthseling, both in style and in quality.

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60 rue des Queyries
33100, Bordeaux
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Tel: 0185091900
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